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Book review of "Feathers of the Fallen" by Christopher D. Monceux

Today, I'm reviewing the fantasy novel "Feathers of the Fallen" by Christopher D. Monceux, self-published 2018.

Overview of points discussed in this review:

Strengths of the book

  • Likeable, well-rounded, distinct characters

  • Great dialogue and distinct voice

  • Fresh premise

  • Great worldbuilding

Weaknesses of the book

  • Point of View issues

  • Clarity

  • minor worldbuilding issues

  • Inconsistencies

  • Believability

  • Grammar/writing on a sentence level

A couple of things not discussed in the video:

There were a few intimate scenes in the book, and they were very well done. On the flipside, the writer placed a heavy focus on female beauty, and it’s a stereotypical, physical beauty at that.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the read, but at times the issues in the novel took me out of the story. The overall need for a thorough copyedit and proofread also bogged the reading down a bit.

Could this book have benefited from a developmental edit/book coach?


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