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What is a book coach?

You might ask yourself, what is a book coach? How is it any different than an editor?

The difference is simple. An editor reviews your story and points out the problems. It is then up to you to tackle those problems. Usually on your own.

A book coach is much more than an editor.

Book coaches balance honest, constructive critique with honest positive feedback. They point out both the things that don't work and those that do.

They guide a writer through the entire writing process, including project management. Book coaches can be your best friend and fiercest critique partner all in one. They cheer you on when you feel stuck and help you get unstuck. They celebrate successes with you and encourage you when things don't go as expected.

While book coaches provide thorough feedback, they also focus on helping their clients build their strengths and skills.

Book coaches are always there for you during your writing process.

To learn more about book coaches and Author Accelerator's book coaching program, visit

If you are interested in becoming a book coach yourself, you can access the Advanced Book Coach Training Course here.

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