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What kinds of books do I work with?


It's Your Book services only fiction. I do not work with non-fiction or Memoir.

I accept most genres, but am most interested in fantasy, horror, suspense, paranormal, thriller, mystery.

I do not cover historical fiction, most science fiction, Christian, sports, and graphic novels or Mangas.

I am open to erotica.

For science fiction specifically, it depends on your story. A writing sample of your science fiction will determine whether I'm willing to work on it or not.

In general, for all fiction, if your story does not spark my interest, I will decline working with you, because if I'm not invested in your story, what's the point? Your story or story idea must captivate me, but if it does not, and I choose not to work with you, please don't see that as a judgement of your work. It just means that I'm not the right coach for you, not that your story is bad. In most instances, I'll be able to refer you to a coach who will be more interested in your story than I am.

I work with adult, new adult, and young adult fiction.

I am currently not working with children's books or middle grade. I may offer middle grade some time in the future.

I operate within the Eastern Standard Time Zone. If you are in a different time zone, I welcome you to hire me with the understanding that with the difference in time zones, response times may be at odd hours, and phone calls may be difficult to schedule.

What I offer

I offer constructive criticism. My reviews are honest. I balance my critique with appropriate doses of positive feedback.

I help you build on your strengths and develop your skills.

I tailor my feedback to your project's individual needs. That means if your manuscript needs heavy developmental edits, I focus on that in my feedback. If it needs fine tuning on the sentence level, I focus on that.

I offer accountability and emotional support through your writing journey.

What I don't offer

I do not offer guarantee of publication or any other monetary success.

The publishing industry is an unpredictable one. What I can guarantee is that I will help you write the best book that you can write, but publishing is largely based on luck and timing.


Writing can get very emotional, especially when the story is close to something you have yourself experienced.

While I do offer emotional support, I am not a trained therapist.

If I determine that the emotional support that seems to be needed goes beyond my capacity, I may suggest you seek professional help.

What I expect from you


I expect you to be open-minded. I work best with people who love to learn and are looking for constructive criticism.

If you are only looking for praise for your book, I will not be a good fit for you.

I expect that you keep to your deadlines if you purchase a package with deadlines. If for any reason you can not keep a deadline, please let me know and I will decide whether I can accommodate you.

Contact me for more questions

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you soon!

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