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Book review of "Wanderlust" by L. Costevelos

Today, I'm reviewing the fantasy novel "Wanderlust" by L. Costevelos, self-published in 2019.

Overview of points discussed in this review:

Strengths of the book

  • Richly imagined world/great worldbuilding

  • Strong theme/Point

  • Important/revealing scene at the end is emotionally deep and well executed

  • Powerful lines regarding the theme/point that fully connect the reader to the character

Weaknesses of the book

  • Clarity and inconsistencies

  • Character believability (minor issues)

  • Time flow/handling of time between two worlds (mostly at the end)

  • Style (often over-dramatized, sometimes vague)

  • Sentence structure/word choice (present participle + other -ing forms)

  • Grammar

For the -ing form that is SO very present in this book, I strongly suggest the author read this very clear and helpful article: Using -ing Words | The Editor's Blog ( This is an issue I see A LOT in manuscripts, but it’s really such an easy thing to improve on your own.

Overall, I’m happy I bought the book and read it. I’m satisfied with what I got out of the reading experience but wish the author had hired a line-editor to go through the manuscript before publishing.

Could this book have benefited from a developmental edit/book coach?


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