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So you've built this big fantasy world and maybe even written a bit, but somehow you can't seem to breathe life into your story and you don't know why. Or maybe you've written a fantastic story you're really proud of, have maybe queried a few agents but not gotten the response you hoped for. Or perhaps you have this grand idea for a novel, but you don't know how to tackle it.

Welcome to book coaching. You can stop pulling your hair out and get the help you need to raise your voice and leave your mark on the world.

I work primarily with writers of fantasy and horror in the adult and young adult market. I enjoy guiding writers through stories that twist an old idea into something new and those with a fresh idea/worldbuilding uniqueness.
While I prefer fantasy/horror, if you bring me a psychological thriller, a supernatural or paranormal novel, I'll be all yours.
I like a variety of genres, so if you don't see yours listed in my preferences above, don't despair--your story might still catch my interest. Just check with me, and we can talk it through and see if I could be a good guide for your story.

For more details of how I work, click here.

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It is your story, it is your book.

Personal Approach with a Professional Eye

I will help you write the best story you can without taking the ‘y’ out of ‘your’ book. Let me be your guide, your editor, your cheerleader, your accountability partner. With me alongside your writing journey, you will have a companion who will give you honest, constructive feedback that will enable you to write your story without changing it into someone else’s.

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“I feel like I have the eyes of an editor, the mind of my ideal reader and the understanding of a therapist for authors by my side.”                                                                    -Susannah F.

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Meet Your Coach

My name is Elli Comeau and I'm an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach.


I came to the book coaching industry after having been coached myself. I'm a published author of two short stories, as well as publications of a poem and several essays.

I currently work with my own book coach. I'm working on revisions of my adult fantasy novel, which is the first in a series, as well as a supernatural novel.


I live with two young children, my husband, and two cats on the beautiful half-island of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

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"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit."

Richard Bach

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