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Book review of "Brave Anna and the Star Compass" by Jennifer Garrett

Today I'm reviewing Brave Anna and the Star Compass by Jennifer Garret, published by Willow Moon Publishing in 2020.

For this review, I have a guest with me today: my almost nine years old daughter, who has read the book with me. She shares her opinion of the book in this video.

Overview of points discussed in this review:

Strengths of the book

  • Clear theme/point

  • Beautiful descriptions

  • Brilliant/satisfying ending

Weaknesses of the book

  • Believable/genuine characters/emotional connection and character arc

  • Bad pacing

  • Plot conveniences/lacking believability

  • Many errors, and bad stylistic choices

  • Inconsistencies

  • Sentence structure (many sentences far too long for a middle grade reader)

In all, this book needed another look from a developmental editor, a line edit, and most definitely one more proofread. The two major issues we had with the story were the bad pacing (we felt rushed through the adventure and were not given time to get to know Anna), and the character development. The character development was truly lacking. The emotions were not clear on the page--we could not relate to her.

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