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#Writerslift Free Critique

Hello fellow writers

Are you in a lull? Don't know how to move forward with your writing? Stuck in revision? Feeling like you're going nowhere or that your book is just not worth the paper it's written on?

You're in luck, because I can help you get out of the lull. I can help you re-energize and get back into the story you can't seem to get where you want it to be and guide you in how to make your narrative stronger. And today, I'll be offering a taste of this for FREE.

I'm in the mood for starting a different kind of #writerslift. Instead of sharing your links and published works, share your submissions with me to receive one whole chapter review at NO COST. You will get a constructive and honest critique that is balanced with positive feedback and encouragement that will help get you back on a bright path where you can breathe the air of accomplishment and hope.

This free first chapter critique is a $85 value.

To qualify for the first chapter critique, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your story must be adult or YA fiction

  • Your story must be fantasy, horror, suspense, thriller, or paranormal

  • You must be open to growing as a writer and learning from the experience

  • You must be able to take honest, constructive critique

  • Your chapter submission must be 2500 words or less (partial first chapter is okay)

  • You must be willing to write a testimonial within 7 days of receiving your feedback

I will be selecting ONE story from all the submissions. Submission window opens today and closes Friday, March 5.

Please submit a brief summary of your story and the first 250 words of your first chapter along with your name and the story's title via email to

Put #writerslift submission into the subject line.

No attachments--put the first 250 words into the body of the email. Once selected, you will submit your full chapter as a word document.

I will contact the writer of the selected story no later than Monday, March 8.

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